Our Team

Cindy Phillips
Cindy is a recognized leader in the volleyball community with over 15 years of coaching experience, in addition to her current status as a professional beach volleyball player. After founding Club Beach Dig, the nation’s first and now largest juniors beach volleyball club, USA Volleyball presented Cindy with the Earnest Langford Pioneer Award for her initiative and contribution to to youth volleyball. Cindy serves as the President and Co-Founder of EFF, and hopes to further spread opportunity and commitment to health and fitness via sports for youth of all backgrounds. According to Cindy, “Growing up in a single-parent home in a small town, I had very little exposure and rescources when it came to sports and fitness. Upon discovering sports at the age of 16, however, my life became altered forever. I truly believe providing more children the chance to be involved in sports and fitness will change and perhaps even save lives. “
“What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others and the world remains and is immortal”
~Albert Pine


Than Merrill
Than is a former NFL player who is still a very active and competitive athlete with a passion for sports, health and fitness. From his Pro Football career, to his incredible success in the real estate and information marketing arenas, to his hit TV show Flip This House – Than’s successes are abounding. So many of his achievements, Than attributes to his early involvement in sports and athletic programs, which is why he feels so passionate about making sure children have every opportunity to lead active and healthy lives.
Jolene O’Toole
Event Manager
Jolene has been working with EFF for almost 2 years and plays a very big part in the success of our events.  From our extravagant Gala to our sport goods drives, Jolene loves to be involved in every aspect, and she has already make a huge impact.  She is an avid baseball player and believes in the positive impact that sports can have on the lives of children.
Peter Jonnes
Public Relations Manager
Peter manages the public relations and digital presence for EFF.  An entrepreneur with three successful web businesses under his belt, he has combined his passion for business and sports to join EFF.  An avid fan of sports, he has participated in many sports from a young age including playing high school baseball and coaching little league baseball for many years.  He firmly believes in the benefits of youth sports and keeping kids active and healthy.
Lucy Cardona
Research and Public Relations
Lucy has always been passionate about bettering the world through her participation in philanthropic organizations. Born in Aguascalientes, Mexico and raised in San Diego, Lucy embraces her diverse background, and is bilingual in Spanish and English. She is a recent graduate from SDSU with a degree in Anthropology and minor in Religious Studies.  From her studies, Lucy gained in-depth knowledge of cultural and international affairs, and she plans on broadening her education by participating in humanitarian efforts across the globe.  In addition to global affairs, Lucy also takes great passion in human health and wellness, particularly in child development.  In effort to share her knowledge and appreciation of health, Lucy has coached for multiple
Pop Warner leagues in San Diego.  She also worked with the Junior Seau Foundation, and she currently spends time volunteering with EFF and the Rotary Club of San Diego.